Well, it seems (thanks to my other blogs) that I have signed up to Google Reader without even knowing it!

It wouldn’t work properly with my old version of Internet Explorer I was using both at work and at home.

What can I say? I am a creature of habit. I was rather fond of the old IE.

So I have finally entered the world of 21st century technology and downloaded Google Chrome. Huzzah!

It is lush!

Now I have a long list of blogs I am following, which makes for a lot of catchup reading!!

From the point of view of keeping tabs on my favourite sites and bloggers, this one-stop-shop makes it so much easier than what I had been doing, which is essentially visit each page individually. I wish I had known/remembered I had signed up to Google Reader before and clicked on various RSS tabs (OK, perhaps not for library-related things, but for the sites of my fave bands, etc).

For some reason, having all my searches and things I am interested in contained in one personalised internet browser does not bother me as much as

Go figure.

Anyhoo, Thing 3: mission complete!