"Old Photograph" Style
“Old Photograph” Style

Using FotoFlexer was really easy and it is something that I will keep on using- mainly to remove those unsightly blemishes & red eye, as well as generally titivating photos. Sadly, once I removed all of my blemishes on “original image #1”, I actually looked like a very tight and bright skinned alien. Still, I rather like the “old photograph” style. No requirement for blemish remover on that one!

I also gave PhotoFunia ago. By the way, if you want this to be in anyway attractive, this is not the place to do it! It is bloomin’ good fun though! 🙂

Courtesy of Photofunia
Me and RPatz. Courtesy of Photofunia
Courtesy of Photofunia
Me as a Jedi. Courtesy of Photofunia
Courtesy of Photofunia
What ho! Me in an old book?! Courtesy of Photofunia
Courtesy of Photofunia
Aha! You caught me. I am an escaped Prisoner of Azkaban. Courtesy of Photofunia

I suppose I ought to get to work and stop playing with these photo things.

By the way, I did really love History Pin. I am a history geek so I did spend most of the session when we did this, playing on that, which would account for why this is being published way after the event!!!