Before I get around to blogging about Podcasts, I was just thinking of how I can put them into Google Reader to look back at them at a later date, when I got a nice little notification telling me that Google Reader, as of July, will be no more… so the quest for finding an alternative has begun…

HERE is a really great blog about alternatives and how to get all your bumph off Google Reader & onto the new shiny reader.

A lot of them, however, are having some issues and stopping people signing up due to increased demand & all that jazz.


It seems such a shame that as I come to love Google Reader, its time to depart has come. But you know, let’s move on…

So, Podcasts.

What do I know about them?

Well, I know what they are. I liken them to an audio magazine subscription but without the charges.

Have I ever listened to one?


But I have been having a look and I am loving the BBC music & books podcasts, as well as the British Library discussions pages. I think they’re really great.

Especially with the lectures, it is like being a student without having to pay the fees…

I love music, books, learning &random chats! I love to listen to something when I am updating the journal audit spreadsheet, updating Aleph and randomly doing Ethos/Digital Copies fun.

It seems I may have missed out on the podcast thing having instead learnt all the  Les Miserables songs.

What can I say?

I am a cool kid.

I can now say I have remedied this (although I do still know all the words of the Les Mis songs) and I have subscribed to far more than I can ever probably listen to, but I have lots of stuff to listen to when Spotify has kicked me off for listening to too much free music and it can be an alternative to Last.FM.

It is far more educational and it can expand my horizons (to abuse a cliche) without me really having to think too hard as to what I would want to listen to. It just sits in my Google Reader once it has been uploaded by whoever, just waiting for me to have a listen if it piques my fancy!

Half the time, I don’t know what I want to listen too and I often seek out recommendations and la voila, subscribing to podcasts is a great way to find the most random stuff on your “reading list”/”to-do-list”.

So, let’s get back on track. What could Royal Holloway do with podcasts?

Well, in terms of Library use, I think it could well be a great thing for events such as the Archive’s “Tea Parties & Toasting Forks” & the Library’s “Frankenfest” event.

Mind you, with so many podcasts flying around out there, like with all social media and advertising, you need to make sure it does get used, not just filed away in the ether, and that it gets targeted at the right sort of audience.

For fear I have waffled on too long, I shall end here.

Have a browse, have a listen…

Derrickkwa. (Flickr)
Derrickkwa. (Flickr)