Thing 20   =    Smore.

“What is Smore?” I hear you cry!

Well, gentle readers, it is an online tool to help you make fliers, ‘for sale’ notices, newsletters & such like, which you can use to promote events & news.

Kim used Smore to amazing effect for the Library’s event, “Frankenfest” to display the many weird, wonderful & wacky responses we had to the question: “If you were going to build a human, what 3 things would you need?” Check it out HERE. The taglines to the responses are hilarious.

Anyhoo, I enjoyed using Smore and I like the fact that you can see how many people have used it.

I may use it for more marketing campaigns and things, as it is free, easy to use and looks great!

Here is one I knocked up quickly for my ballet classes I go to… La voila!

P.S. I could no get the blasted thing to embed!! :/