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This is not a “thing” for 23 Things, which *by the way* I do intend, at some point in the near future, to finish off properly.


Having come to learn of “Google Reader” through 23 Things and then place a lot of my feeds and to be honest a lot of my internet-related life on there, I was a bit put out to hear that Google Reader was going to be no more.

I knew this a while back and I had totally forgotten about it. It was only when I tried to access my feed it had *poof* vanished.

I did manage to claw back my data in a mini little zip file, which I then uploaded on to “The Old Reader”, which is like home from home. It is so like Google Reader that I barely feel the change. I have to say any changes I have noticed actually favour  “The Old Reader”. It looks nicer (I know aesthetics aren’t everything, but it is pretty!) And the functionality seems to be a lot more intuitive, or perhaps having used Google Reader, I find adapting to this system easier than I did when I was having to learn how to use Google Reader in the first place!!

On visiting the Google Reader website, it does explain how you can get your data, which you can then upload into another reader. This was really simple to do on http://theoldreader.com/, although disconcertingly I was told that I was 1349th in line to have my data uploaded. I could, however, tell it to email me when it was down and *ping!* la voila, there it was!

Out of fairness and also a touch of curiosity I tried an alternative RSS reader to compare notes… I decided to choose the rather cute name “Feedly”. Unfortunately, I was baffled by the layout, it was not easy to sync with my Google Reader files and therefore promptly gave up knowing I was in safe hands of “The  Old Reader”.

So my advice, liked Google Reader? Get The Old Reader.

Taken from Flickr, courtesy of [ piXo ]
Taken from Flickr, courtesy of [ piXo ]

Oh yes, and don’t forget all data will be systematically deleted from Google as of 15th July, so get downloading and syncing now!