Ok, as perusual, I am just a step or two behind the times, but thankfully this time I am only a day behind! And I fully intend to try and get my blogging mojo back on throughout this month of June for #blogjune and kick start me back into the habit. I used to blog a lot. Like a lot. I had four differing blogs on the go, I was studying, and working part time and volunteering in an archives as well to boot. How I fitted it in I don’t know now looking back, but I did…

Anyway, In my first post for #blogjune, I fully intend to outline what I want this blog (DustyBooksForAll) to be and what I want to write.2509972096_68f615849b_n

CC-BY-NC-SA: Image Courtesy of Neal Stewart, via Flickr.
  1. Write about my LILAC experience – the poster, the preparation, the interviews with bursary winners, the sessions I loved, you name it. All the shenanigans that happened!
  2. The new library at Royal Holloway – thoughts & apprehensions for the big move
  3. I also want to blog about my recent experiences at the USTLG (University Science and Technology Librarians’ Group) meeting.

I am sure there will be many more things for me to talk about over the month, as I have one heck of a busy month coming up…. but watch this space. New professional librarian taking on the power of Web 2.0!