Image is my own. Licensed under Creative Commons: CC-BY-NC-SA.

Watching the continuous cycle of news reels as information comes in. Seeing the regular roll of Tweets promoting love overshadowing the racist hate. Looking at Facebook and seeing everyone’s disbelief. 
Whether it is Manchester or London, the experience has been the same: the full ache of horror in seeing humanity’s worst side and the tearful uplift of seeing that in such situations people can also be amazing. The emergency services dashing in immediately doing what they can; members of the public offering what help & support they can. 

The harm that evil, unhinged people can do is mind blowing but let it not blow us apart. This is our home. I am proud to be part of a nation that is beautiful in its wonderful array of difference & multiculturalism. I do not want the haters to use this time to destroy what I love. 

I stand with you London and Manchester. My thoughts are with those loved ones who a missing a part of their family today. I cannot even understand how you must be feeling. 

Peace & love to all.