With all the things going on in the world and all the stresses & challenges of work at the moment (change management can upset even the stablest of apple carts), I’ve been finding it hard to unwind of an evening post-work.

The lure of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and checking emails, all easily & readily available on the phone/device to hand, is so tempting. Hours waste away before you know it. 

Sleep can be hard to come by with bright screens dazzling our eyes. Information overload clouding our thoughts and influencing our dreams. News stories startling us awake.  

What can be done? 

Well, something I’ve been relying on heavily myself is this mindfulness app: https://insighttimer.com/

It has a whole range of free meditations to help you sleep, calm crazy thoughts and feel peace with the world that can often feel in turmoil. 

I have to say I’ve been using it

Image courtesy from Insight Timer App (free)
regularly and it has been so helpful, so if you fancy giving it a go to rest a frantic mind, then do! Give it a whirl! It’s free!