This has been a long neglected blog that occasionally gets resurrected with a passing flurry of interest in getting back into blogging. It then quickly slides into abandonment following a busy few weeks at work or a lazy spell of lethargy! I hope that the regular assignment of a few hours a week to Rudai23 and their 23 Things campaign, will help me form a better habit of blogging regularly to encourage my self-reflection (something I often avoid at all costs!) and document my goings-on as an academic liaison librarian (I’ve missed out on so many good opportunities to blog about our move to the new library!)

I find blogging a cathartic experience, as well as a way to log my experience and my continued professional development (CPD). I have used both Blogger and WordPress for personal and professional purposes and find both really simple to use. I’ve even been on an informal WordPress course where I switched my WordPress account into more of a webpage layout which, even for not the most technically proficient, was simple to do!

My first “proper” post for #23Things #Rudai23 will take place for #Thing2 but this is very much the first push of the ball to get it rolling…