First off, allow me to give you the Cliff Notes version of this blog: I love Screencastomatic, and despise Powtoon! further details on this to follow…

Although I do find making videos time consuming, it is an absolute must for the visual learner – how many of us have gone to YouTube to find out quickly how to crochet that thing or how to do that recipe (ahem, this could just be me of course…)

  1. So, firstly, we should always ask who is the intended audience for this video? For me, 9 times out of 10, it is library user, but I am contemplating doing a reading list video on how to create reading lists on Talis for Science academic staff using PubMed and the like to bookmark key readings…
  2. Secondly, one should apparently work out “Your Story” before trying to record. What a great idea! No wonder my videos to date have been patchy and very much a “live” take on how to do things using LibrarySearch or PubMed! Planning before hand has actually be very useful thing for me to think about – simple, but something I just hadn’t done before.

OK, so I tried Powtoon. Where do I start… I am still waiting for my PC to make that tiny weeny change to that one slide in the video. This is a BIG issue. I am sure my nice laptop at home built sometime this 21st century could cope with doing this, but my PC at work is slooooow and Powtoon regularly crashes it. Literally crashes the hell out of it.

Aside from my terminally slow PC, Powtoon is pretty fiddly, though to be fair using the pre-designed videos and altering the content is a fairly easy way to create a fairly sophisticated looking video. I then go to export the video and then I find out I have some “premium items” which I cannot export for free… I click on remove these items and hey presto! The majority of my content is gone! ARGHHHH:Powtoon

So anyway, I used my preferred method for videoing and used Screencastomatic, which I then recorded my Powtoon on (please forgive the mistakes – I quite literally gave up trying after a while trying to correct them!):

In short, Screencastomatic is blooming marvellous and Powtoon is the devil!